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Folks Of Interest 1930 Ford Model A fordor

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tm1990, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. tm1990
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    Just bought my first antique and I am excited. But I would like to know more about the owner history. I found that the car VIN normally was based on the engine serial number. I was able to track it back to the previous owner who sold it on eBay. So I bought it from the window who's husband bought it on ebay. Got the eBay item number but eBay does not archive that far back (2008). engine VIN is 2242608. Any help will be truly appreciated.

  2. Good luck.And show us some pics.
  3. Glenn Thoreson
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    Glenn Thoreson
    from SW Wyoming

    Don't depend on the engine number. The actual VIN is on the frame under the front body mount area of the cowl. The only way to see it is to remove the body. These cars normally go through one or more engine changes, rendering the engine number inconsistent with the frame number. The title was normally changed to reflect a change. If the title (you did get one didn't you?) lists the current engine number as the VIN just go with that. If you should have a numbers matching car though you have something quite rare. Your engine number indicates an early production. There are numerous places to research that number to determine year of production. Have fun with your new car........
  4. mike bowling
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    mike bowling

    In some states, you can have a list of previous owners ( title search) made up at the registry of motor vehicles. I did it for a 1952 Jaguar XK-120 ( sorry) that I bought and wanted to establish a history of the car. I got a ton of info. and they charged me something like $25. bucks .
    If you got a title or an old registration with the car, use the numbers off that paperwork.
    Good luck with it.
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  5. All the engine number will tell you is when the engine/transmission assembly passed final at the Ford, Rouge plant. There is a chart of this information on the MAFCA site, When you go to that site you will find your engine/transmission was assembled in August 1929. Baring unusual circumstances your engine was probably replaced at one time. When the car went down the assembly line the engine number was stamped on the top of the left frame rail in a location that could not be seen without lifting the body so if you have the body off you can see the original number. In most states when the engine was replaced the DMV was notified of the change and recorded the new serial (leaving the old one on the frame). This would explain why you title matches the engine number, or it least it should. If the number isn't the same on the title and the engine, you have a problem you need to resolve and the sooner the better.

    Charlie Stephens

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