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1929 License Plates- Harder to find?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dreddybear, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Here in Maryland I'm running a pair of 60 plates on my 60 Comet and a pair of 62 plates on the 62.
    First you have to find a matched set of authentic Maryland plates, the same year of the manufacture date, of your car.
    Unless you have a really old car, before they had pairs, in which case you need only one plate.
    Then you register the car as "Historic" or "Street Rod".
    Next they give you a registration and a set of "Historic" or "Street Rod" plates ($50 for 2 years).
    If you choose to run the YOM (Year of Manufacture vanity) plates, then the DMV will run the number to make sure it's not being used.
    If the number is good they will issue a second registration for the YOM plates.
    Then you can run the YOM on the car, of course for an extra $25 fee for 2 years.
    Only catch is that you have to have the original "Historic" or "Street Rod" plates somewhere in the car as well as both registrations.
    All the Maryland plates, back then, expired 3/31 of that year regardless of issue date.
    The metal plates were actually stamped "Expires 3/31/**"
    So every year you were to renew and get new plates.
    I've been pulled over twice by 20 something cops who asked me "Don't you know your plates are expired"
    My first response is, "Damn I didn't know that.":cool:
    Then I have to go through the whole story and explain how the system works to the police.
    Kind of funny explaining the law to the police.
    One of the guys didn't believe me and call it in to validate my story.:D
  2. 49anglia
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    Ah, i get it. Sounds like a good system.

    Thanks :)
  3. blackout78666
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    Dragging up a dead thread but just got back from new Braunfels texas swap meet. First time on the liscence plate hunt and found a real nice pair of 29 plates for an upcoming project. Only 1,500. For f&$@ing real??? I know that you can't just go out and find these but I was floored. On the other hand bought a nice pair for 31 for 200. What gives? Who can I blame? eBay??the Internet??? I gotta be mad at someone.
  4. The37Kid
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    Must be a state related thing, up here $40-$50 gets you a pair of New England state plates. Bob
  5. banjeaux bob
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    banjeaux bob
    from alaska

    There are many factors that go into pricing a vintage license plate. Here are a few considerations.... many were made initially? Then figure how many might survive that state a state that allows vintage plates to be used as current registration?
    3. pairs will always bring more money guys in general don't mind paying for restoration of a plate.While plate collectors like plates that are as close to un-issued mint as possible.Generally speaking a restored plate won't be as valuable to a plate collector.
    5.Low numbered plates bring more money than higher numbered plates.

    License plates are one of the first things to find new homes when a car dies or is sold on.How many 1929 cars have you found out in the woods lately?...then out of those ,how many still had their plates on them?Think what it took to keep a pair of 1929 plates together until today.
    if the seller is aware what the value is to any group of purchasers,he is not going to price it lower to suit a guy that wants to put them on his car for less money.

    Many years ago a guy from Texas came through Alaska with his Model A.He wanted a 1929 Alaska license plate for his collection.He thought they should be everywhere.He never considered#1) the low number of registered vehicles in Alaska at that time.#2) the harsh conditions the plate was likely to be subjected to.#3) only one plate was used that year .....all these factors leading up to a scarcity factor pricing the plate in the $3500 dollar range.I told him I didn't have any...much less a duplicate to sell and if I did what the price would be.He still choked and found it hard to believe that one license plate would sell for about 25% of the value of his car.
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  6. brokenspoke
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    Not a lot of money was had, to buy license plates during the depression (1929)
  7. if you know where they are hiding at $30. a set, spill the beans please...I'd bet in 2016 they are super hard to find at an affordable price!
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  8. svo
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    For a decent set of 29 Texas plates, It is going to be in the $1500. range. That is if you can find some.
    I bought my set from this post back in 08. I have since then sold off my car, but kept my plates.
    I sometimes get online just to see if I can find another set for sale somewhere.
    The only other place i've been able to find a matching set at is the swap meet at Autorama in Houston.
    The last one of those I went to, I found only one set for 1500.
  9. The stock market did not crash until October of 1929. The full grip of the Great Depression did not take hold until 1930. I have had a problem getting the NYS 1929. I find the 1930 NYS is harder to come by. I always depend on e-bay as a good source. I also am a member of ALPAC and know members that sell old tags from
    all over the country. Here are a few plates from my collection. You can always find me at Fall Hershey gate #2. 041.JPG
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  10. Fortunateson
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    Two questions: Are '56 California plates, matching set, worth much?
    Is a matching set of '32 Alberta, Canada, plates still in their original wrapper worth much?
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  11. Fortunateson
    Joined: Apr 30, 2012
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  12. Try looking them up on EBAY and them applying a little judgement to what you find. The part you left out is are they clear for YOM registration? For the California plates call the California DMV and Sacramento. There will be a couple of hundred difference in the price if they are clear. Spend some time checking the Alberta plates, they might be worth a lot to a collector but I don't know. There are clubs that trade and swap plates, check Google.

    Charlie Stephens

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