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History 1927 Packard stashed in Philadelphia 40 years ago

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by jakespeed63, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. The folks over at Iron Trap Garage shared this amazing find. The whole thing gave me goosebumps. Used to go to South Philly all the time to visit my sister. Saw old cars stashed all over. Hope they keep it as original as possible

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  2. catdad49
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    Yes, watched this yesterday. Quite a story, glad that they're keeping it!
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  3. jhexide
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    that was awsome....thanks,Matt...
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  4. 532r5
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    Once again Matt put together a great video. Thanks for sharing

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  5. Great story! Thanks for posting up the video.
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  6. Stogy
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    Wow what a capsule of history...not only the car the whole place...thanks for sharing that @jakespeed63.

    @IronTrap thanks...that was interesting.

    I like the sound of a good cleaning up getting it running and mechanically sound and go from there.

    Was the jack and handle in the window sill from it?
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  7. Billy_Bottle_Caps
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    Been following Iron Trap Garage for a bit. Matt and Mike are really putting out some great stuff. You should check out the channel if you ha e never seen it. Really well done
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  8. drtrcrV-8
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    keep it as original as possible : fix any "safety" issues(brakes/ new tires hoses & belts) carefully check electrical wires for worn spots (clean contacts) possibly get battery rebuilt(or just replace ?) Clean gas line(replace any rubber hose with alcohol "friendly" hose)/remove the plugs & "soak" cylinders with acetone & ATF mix/ possibly drop pan & clean out the "gunk"(same with any oil filter?) DON'T use "new" nuts/bolts/other fasteners (clean & reuse originals!) Carefully clean & vacuum the car without damaging the patina(mild soap & luke- warm water with soft sponges & terry-towels for the exterior : repeat as needed) carefully remove the old fluids & replace(repack the wheel bearings) Above all : DO NOT HURRY : you are preserving an original car, NOT PREPPING FOR A CONCOURSE : SHINEY IS NOT THE GOAL!! All that's necessary is safely usable for display purposes! Welcome any additional suggestions & comments! What did I miss??
  9. drtrcrV-8
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  10. IronTrap
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    Thanks for the share guys! I try not to "spam" the forum with our videos as I figure you guys will find it regardless!

    A little back story we didn't fully cover in the video due to making it drag on too long.
    My friends that own the auction company have been helping John Paul pull machinery and industrial salvage stuff out of the building for years. When scrap prices were through the roof they were filling 1-2 40 yard dumpsters a week in scrap and making BANK! This was also the time of industrial salvage stuff going nuts and they were auctioning off machines and stuff from the factory like crazy. When the prices dried up they just stopped one day and hadn't been back for years. After some years the family has found a developer that wants to take on restoring part of the property and turning the space into offices/a maker space and they wanted to close on the property ASAP so it all sort of happened really fast. Now the closing date has been pushed back a little but it is still good we got the car out.

    John Paul wants to get the car going again but has zero classic car experience. I think the engine will be tough to break free, but we may try and give him a hand later this summer now that it's safe and sound in a garage across the city. I know it isn't a hot rod, but like someone else said it gave me goosebumps as soon as I walked in the place and first saw the car.. I seriously felt like I was in a scene from Indiana Jones or something ... just so happens those are some of my favorite movies go figure!

    Thanks guys for the shares and love on the videos, we really appreciate the support! Make sure you guys subscribe as we have another neat garage find video filmed and going out in Feb. and I have another one I'm working on now that will be a pile of old stuff and if it works out it will have TONS of stuff that is HAMB relevant. I love finding this old stuff and saving it!

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  11. rusty valley
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    rusty valley

    typical tow truck driver that doesnt know his job. should have had the cable hooked to the other side which would have helped to straighten it out on the deck, and while on the hill, perfect time to put it in 3rd gear and go back and fourth with the winch to see if the motor is really stuck. nice car hope they dont kill it

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