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Projects 15" Wheels bullet center caps

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by captaintaytay, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. I would like to put bullet center caps on my Shoebox, but as many of you know they don't make one for the stock 15" wheels on the early ford wheels. I checked out custom steelies and don't want multiple bolt holes for mounting. I believe some Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler 15" wheels have the same bolt pattern 5 - 4 1/2 and wonder if any of you guys are running them with bullets or has anyone found an alternative?
    I could have custom bullets made, but a little to pricey for me. Thanks
  2. I have tried finding these caps for oddball sized centre holes with no success.
    The only thing I could come up with as to get the next size down, and fit a machined adaptor
    which is held in by your centre hole in the rim, with a couple of set screws to hold the cap in. You could make it out of aluminum, and polish it to match the bullet.
  3. Coupe Deluxe
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    Coupe Deluxe

    Check with Summit, I bought some OEM style chrome reverse wheels for my 40. The picture in the catalogue showed them with a bullet center so I ordered those as well. The bullets were to small for the hole. I called customer service and after some complaining they came up with a set that would fit that weren't in the catalogue. Ask for Bruno in customer service, it wasn't that long ago, he probably would remember helping me. I believe the diameter is 4-1/8? You also might consider a set of spider caps, the base plate should cover most if not all of the hole even if the center is too small.
  4. FlatheadFanFromMI
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  5. The diameter of the wheel center hole 2.65" The smallest bullet I have seen is 2.95", still to big..
    Thought maybe I could somehow modify to fit, without looking hokey. I've racked my brain for a while
    trying to figure something out using my wheels.
    I don't want to machine the wheels for them to fit.
    So I thought maybe going with a different wheel with a bigger center hole.
    Possibly a Plymouth/Dodge 15" wheel. Just have to make sure "offset" is correct..
    Looks like I'll try a bone yard, (what's left of them)
    Spider caps are okay, but just don't like the way they look on my car. (preference)

    Apparently from what I have read in the past, just not cost effective and enough demand
    to tool up and manufacture that particular size.
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  6. I also saw these hubcaps 15" early Dodge.
    Does anyone know if they will fit Shoebox wheels?

  7. Just not sure if I want to drop $250.00 on those hubcaps and it look stupid.
    Can't seem to find a pic of them anywhere.
    Wondering if it's just too overwhelming to put on my Shoebox.
  8. 325w
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    from texas

    Whose look like aftermarket not Dodge.

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