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14" chevy drum rims with disc brakes?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by stray bomb too, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. I've been searching. I have the speedway kit that mounts chevy disc brakes to '48 ford spindles but the rims I really want to use are 14" drum brake rims . Are there any discs that fit in existence? Or am I getting some ford drums drilled out to a chev bolt pattern?
    Thank you and here's a pic of the rims I want to run. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1429509242.551079.jpg
  2. Show us a close-up of the other side of the wheel.... you may have a disc brake wheel. The short answer is a drum brake wheel won't fit over a disc....
  3. I have 14 inch Rally's from a 66-67 Nova that ride over S-10 calipers on Heidt's spindles. Perhaps you can get a wheel for a Nova that you like.
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  4. Shamus
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    from NC

    My '68 Chevelle SS 396 came with 2 piston caliper disc brakes & 14" steel wheels - they are different in the offset to allow for the calipers. The codes near the valve stem on Chevrolet wheels will tell U the application - late '60s, early '70s with disc brakes will fit.

  5. RICK R 44
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    RICK R 44

    1980's S10 pickups had disc brakes and 14" wheels. I made my own mounting brackets for the calipers, but everything fit together. The S10 calipers are a bit smaller than the Camaro calipers that are used with most of the kits.
  6. junkman8888
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    Greetings! You're trying to save money in the wrong place: Stamped steel wheels are cheap, machine work is not, get brakes on your car and then find wheels to fit.
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  7. Ralphies54
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    I've been told to look for the pentagon shaped hub hole when searching for GM 14" rims to fit disc.
  8. dada
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    Any late 60s early 70s gm wheel should work for you a lot of those year gm car were disc brake cars. Had the same problem on my 48 .What i found out was you can tell by looking if it's drum or disc by looking at the center hole if the lip is smooth it won't work if its scolloped(sp) it will work. Like Ralphie said. Very easy to find in my neck of the woods .Hope this helps
  9. Century
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  10. All excellent advice guys.. Of course I went ahead and bought the rims when I saw them and then the firestones right after, then I bought the disc conversion kit and of course they're drum rims. I didn't know there were disc rims and drum rims and figured there wouldn't be a problem. May have to buy some disc friendly rims after all.
  11. 1934coupe
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    Before you go too crazy see where the rim hits the caliper, they make disk brake spacers just for this reason. Back in the early days of disk brakes this happened a lot. I think the spacers come in 3/8" and 7/16" thickness.

    Good luck, Pat
  12. Anything GM from 1969-1970 and up should be good. From a Nova, Malibu, etc. The center is flatter without those bumps between the lug holes.
  13. pdq67
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    Please look into..

    TSM Mfg. Co. Inc. proudly ... We manufacture Rear Disc Brake Conversions for most rear drive vehicles and drive shaft parking brakes. ... Keep in touch. P hone ...


    Engineered Components, Inc. - Your One Stop Brake...
    Hot rod brakes and brackets. Disc brake conversion kits, boosters, master cylinders and components. Photo catalog with prices.

    And if you are interested, hunt down my "pdqCBB" front and rear disc conversions that arte on my car now.

  14. Thanks Pat! Going to look into spacers. And lesson hopefully learned ( something about a cart before a horse?) I'm not going to even begin to tell about all the parts " to get a head start on the build" I bought that won't be used on this car! I'm sure I'm not the only one that's done this....
  15. 1934coupe
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    Got a lot of stuff on the shelf like that, it becomes swap meet material.

    Good Luck, Pat
  16. wheeler.t
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    How much does the caliper hit the rim? Could you shave the caliper down enough to clear? I've done it but only small amounts to fit a 15" wheel that was reversed.
  17. Probably a little shave and some spacers. I am surprised nobody has suggested drums on the front? Originally I was going to go drums mostly because I'm going for an early sixties look on an open wheel '29 chevy. And that's why I went with a chev bolt pattern on this car, it just seemed right. In hindsight.....
  18. As an update to this, I found spindles and drums with a chevy bolt pattern that should fit my I beam. From a 50's chev. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1454036308.973975.jpg

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