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Technical ‘58 Ranchero no keys, don’t wanna drill it ideas??

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by aRustyPatina, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. ‘58 Ranchero came without keys.
    Searched like I’m crazy and only found
    “Drill it out”. C’mon....

    Is there a code on these cylinders?
    I’ve tried impressioning with a blank and it went poorly.
    I’m guessing the lock cylinder has to be removed before the entire ignition switch will release from the dash bezel.
    I know i can buy new ignition and drill it out, but I’m sure these can be saved. And I’m doing this as inexpensively as possible.
  2. drtrcrV-8
    Joined: Jan 6, 2013
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    Call a LOCKSMITH to come out & make you a key! Should not be more than $100, & you don't have to change out your door locks to match a new ignition switch.
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  3. I once took the whole dash from a 61 chevy to the lock smith. He picked the lock then removed it to make a new key. Was pretty cheap. Good thing the dash was a bolt in.
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  4. onetrickpony
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    from Texas

    If the Ranchero is original, the doors and ignition use the same key. Take out a door lock and take it to a locksmith to have a key made and you may save a few bucks on travel charges.

    I just bought a lock set (Ignition cylinder and both doors, keyed alike) for my old truck for less than $40 including shipping. The set for your Ranchero is about twice that ($72 + shipping) from Mac's.

    If you drill out the cylinder, be careful not to damage the ignition switch or you'll be spending even more.
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  5. Get one of the local teen-aged hoodlums to hot wire it for you.
  6. RmK57
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    The ignition switch is easy enough to remove also. Reach up underneath the dash and push the switch forward, it's spring loaded. Once it's pushed forward give the switch bezel a 1/4 turn, remove the bezel and pull the switch out from the rear. Disconnect the battery first though.
  7. A good locksmith can fix that in no time.
    I had one take a scope like a doctor looks in you ear,,,,,he pressed to the lock,,,,,,he took a key blank,,,,,and literally filed a new key in about 60 seconds.
    I’m sure some locks are more difficult than others .

    But,,,,,those guys can do almost anything ,,,,,I think he charged me ten bucks,,,,that was maybe 20 years ago .
    And I think the idea of using a door lock to make a new key is a great idea as well .

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  8. 47streetrodder
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  9. Shoot!!
    My old Edsel had 2 keys and never crossed my mind to check that first.
  10. Ford blue blood
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    Ford blue blood

    The right door cylinder has the key code on it.
  11. seb fontana
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    seb fontana
    from ct

    Or collect/borrow all the ford keys you can up till the double sided started and see which one works. Only about 40 combinations. I borrowed a master set from a dealer years ago.
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