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Projects ‘34 Ford Coupe Race Car

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by old school coupe, Mar 31, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]

    So this was what I saw while scrolling Market Place. The ad said it came with “new” doors, fenders and running boards. I translated that to mean fiberglass. ( I was correct ). It came with Mustang II setup and a list of street rod type parts. I’ve wanted a 33/34 coupe my whole life so I messaged the seller...

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  2. ratfink56
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    Good for you! Plans?
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  3. 72BC6BD2-79DE-4993-8338-CBEA9664BB88.jpeg
    The buyer sent me more photos. It was rough. Really rough. My buddy and I hooked up a trailer and headed to North Carolina to try and make a deal. Last phone call with the seller he told me his phone was blowing up over this thing. I told him I’m on my way...
  4. Rickybop
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    from Michigan

    ... for the REST of your life.

  5. D895E0C0-11DF-474A-85A3-FA808BF6729D.jpeg
    We get to North Carolina and the seller opens a gate and directs us into a horse field with the truck and trailer. We drive down the hill passing all kinds of old cars and abandoned projects...and horses. We see the 34 body sitting on sawhorses in a barn. Nothing like the view, in the ad pics, with it sitting on the frame. The frame was no where to be first glance. Once in the barn. The frame was there. Covered in old hoods and all kinds of various car parts. We dig it out. Xmember is completely missing. Front cross member is torched in half for some reason. Frame rails look decent and rear cross member is good. Car body is horrible. All the door inners have been chopped out and are gone. Rust all along the bottom of body. Bottom of doors pretty much gone.
    But, there is tons of brand new parts. Still in the boxes. All the big street rod names on the boxes. Brand new fiberglass doors still in the plastic. (Did I mention I hate fiberglass). In my head, I’m trying to add all this stuff up. I figure there is at least 5,000 bucks worth of parts. New cost. We negotiate the whole mess from 8500 down to 5500 bucks. And start loading up. It’s getting dark fast. The horses keep slobbering on my elbows as I’m trying to load parts. By dark, we have the body and frame on the trailer and stuffed full of fiberglass parts. The whole truck is packed with all the new, in the box, street rod parts. We’re tired, dirty, covered in horse slobbers and looking for a steak house.

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  6. As rough as it is... It's still a 34 FORD COUPE!! Congratulations!
  7. Traditional build. Respect the race car heritage. Maybe patina type build keeping the old lettering.

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  8. Jrs50
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    I LOVE buying cars. I love car buying stories!
    I can trace it back to when I was a teenager, before I got my license, I went with my uncle to look at an old Ford sitting in a pasture for who knows how long. We put a battery on it, put a slosh off gas down the carb and lit that thing off!!! We then set about loading it up and dragging it home. We pretty exciting after just hearing it kick off!
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  9. The car came with a truck load of new parts and a few old ones. This all came from an estate. The gentleman had evidently been buying parts for years to build this car, but never touched a bolt on it. He had a lot of the patch panels bought, a full Mustang II front end system, new wiring kit and even a new power window kit. Two new power window kits actually. The car did come with one nice original rear fender. An original gas tank cover and a really nice orig windshield. I sold the Heidts Mustang front end kit to my buddy for a thousand bucks. Also, sold him one of the power window kits for the small two hundred. I sold the rear fiberglass fenders to another guy for two hundred. For anybody keeping score, that gets me down to 4100.00 in the car and the rest of the parts. Anybody need a new set of fiberglass doors? D27DE19D-3E87-4848-A76B-91EE5331F053.jpeg

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  10. AHotRod
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    Race car patina style Hot Rod? YES YES YES !
    I'd build it like it is myself, and I would use those 'glass doors too, but you didn't ask for my opinion, sorry..... I just LOVE old vintage race cars, especially the ones that were the 1st Street/Strip Hot Rods ....
    I'm calmed down now o_O .... back to your story :)
  11. mickeyc
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    If those glass doors are of an accurate quality you might consider
    using them for reference to help in the rebuilding of the originals.
    May then sell them later. I would keep them around. One day
    they may be what can enable you to get the coupe on the road.
  12. evintho
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    The first car I ever bought was a '34 5w. Looked just like yours only the body was perfect as was the frame. Original front suspension and no fenders. Paid $50 for it. Oh was 1968 and I was 13!
  13. 47streetrodder
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    Sounds like some solid advice.
  14. Hot Rods Ta Hell
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    Hot Rods Ta Hell

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  15. The driver’s name is gone, but above the doors is the owner’s name. Appears to be L.J. Bullock. Below the quarter window you can faintly see # 88. I hope to sell off the rest of the fiberglass glass parts and some more of the street rod parts to get my cost really low in just the car itself.
  16. 48592DE2-6C19-4D70-A9D4-2F0E5EF22261.jpeg She said “ You bought the parts and they gave you the car for free?”
    Not quite... funny girl. She should do stand up.

    Meanwhile, I’m selling parts with three hands. I sold the fiberglass grill for 500 bucks. That gets me down to 3600.00 in this whole deal. If you need some glass front fenders or running boards, I’m stacking them deep and selling them cheap!
  17. 47streetrodder
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  18. F9E06991-8FD2-4BF0-9FD7-A28923C681CC.jpeg The frame was actually in pretty good shape considering this was a race car. Except....the front cross member had been torched into two halves for some reason and the center X member was missing altogether.

    So I’m scanning Craig’s list, like every other hot rod mook, and I find a beautiful original front cross member and X member. A local street rodder had cut all the cross members out of one of the nicest original frames I have ever seen. He was “updating” to aftermarket members. He was a very precise type guy. He had drilled the rivets out of the front and rear cross members so they are in perfect condition. He did saw the X member out with a body saw, but he cut it very straight and as close to the frame rails as possible. The X member on my frame had been hacked out, but luckily they chopped it pretty far away from the frame rails. So I have plenty of extra meat to weld the new X in and put it back just like Henry made it in ‘34.
    He had all three members listed for 500 bucks. I offered 400 and the deal was made. So, for the accounts out there, that puts me back up to 4,000.00 in this whole deal, but it gives me what I need to make a super nice frame.
  19. Magfiend
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  20. rod1
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    I like the way you think.Keep your eye on the prize.
  21. brady1929
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    Cool find, congrats.
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  22. coupe33
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    Not a bad start I only count what I spend to $15,000 and anything after that doesn't count. I know the prices have gone up more in the last few years. Good luck on your build!
  23. Shaun1162
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    Awesome score! I started with a ‘33 5w that was an old race car... Wish mine looked like that! Looks like you’re off to a good start!

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  24. I am following along on this hot rod rebuild for sure....I am doing a younger brother to yours in my own shop...

    love the history of this old cars...

    Good Luck...

  25. CC-Mo
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    I like where this is going!
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  26. [​IMG]
    This is the other power window kit that came with the ‘34 coupe. Since traditional rods don’t have power windows, I sold it to a local street rodder for 230 bucks. That gets me back down to 3,770.00 in the coupe. For those keeping up with the accounting on this project.

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  27. [​IMG]
    A guy in Knoxville had an all original ‘40 Ford sedan that his dad had left him. He decided to completely tear it apart and make a street rod or rat rod. He advertised the banjo rear end for sale. When I got to his place, it was a super nice rear with the spring, brakes and everything. He said his dad had completely rebuilt the rear and drove it a lot. He also had the original ‘40 wheels with whitewalls. There also lay the complete front axle with brakes and wishbone. I made a deal to buy it all for 1400 bucks. So the ‘34 coupe is getting some really nice ‘40 Ford under bits, wheels and tires. We loaded it all up. Got the little woman to pose for a pic and paid the dude. For all the CPA’s following this thread, that puts me back up to 5,170.00 in the coupe project.

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  28. dutchrod
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    Cool project and nice parts score for a
    good price.
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  29. Why do I get the feeling that the Mrs was looking at you sideways when you bought all that stuff.

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  30. Great adventure! You sure started with a much nicer body than I did. 34doorgaps1.jpg 34rearsectionb_4.JPG 34top1.jpg
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