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2many projects
Sep 9, 2007
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On top of Mount Pisgah
Retired automobile dealer
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    On top of Mount Pisgah
    Retired automobile dealer
    '71 Chevelle SS454 Hardtop, '36 Ford 5W coupe street rod (thats gone down the road after 17 years worth of fun.)
    '32 Ford roadster hot rod, '53 Lincoln Capri convertible, '69 Firebird '400' coupe, 1928 Model A hi boy sedan, a smoothed '47 Ford.
    Ty-Rods Club Inc, Dominators Hot Rod Club
    In the early 50's my neighbor Harvey Chase pulled the bubble skirts of his maroon tail dragger Ford convertible and handed them to me as a gift.
    I was about 6 or 7 years old.
    I took them home and stashed them in my folks downstairs hall closet.
    My dad came home from work about 7:00 P.M. and found me lying on the floor asleep in the closet and hugging the fender skirts.
    He accused me of stealing them. He demanded I return them.
    Nope......"I'm keeping these forever" I responded.
    My addiction worsened when Harvy's brother Stuart introduced me to the engine compartment of his aqua '53 Ford Victoria hard top.
    Polished finned aluminum heads, twin carbs, chrome generator cover, clear red plug wires, all the stuff to feed an addiction.
    Plus in the driveway was a light gray primer 37 Ford coupe with an Olds 303 being setup for another neighbor, Whitey Allan.
    It was a real outlaw street rod in my young eyes.
    I was hooked!
    That was my turning point. From then on I was drawing cars, building AMT and JoHann model kits and drooling over anything that was hopped up.
    I had Hurst shifters, Buick headlight bezels and port holes, Star Fire spinners, Almquist, Honest Charley, and JC Whitney catalogs, fender skirts, manifolds, decals, and engine turned dashs all over my room and flat heads in the basement by entry into junior high.
    By high school time I ran thru numerous 49 and 50 Plymouths ( they were very affordable) and owned a beautiful 40 Pontiac coupe that my 2 best friends and I plopped a 53 Oldsmobile 303" into.
    Also by high school time my neighbors were driving new 409 Impala SS coupes and 390 and 427 Galaxies.
    It helped too in those years my dad was a Lincoln-Mercury dealer.
    All those 49-50 Mercs he drove home, his '57 black Turnpike Cruiser, his dark gray '57 Merc 2 door wagon 312 stick on the column drag wagon, the many customs, exotic European cars he took in trade and drove for a while, a '57 Thunderbird, numerours 58-67 Corvettes that graced our driveway didnt hurt my enthusiasm for cool iron either.
    By the time the new '64 GTO's rolled out of the dealership of my town and I was dragging them in my fuelie Bel Air or my 58 Corvette, I was a full fledged car junkie.
    From that time onward it just snowballed.
    I would'nt even date a girl more than twice if she did'nt drive a 4 speed.
    Fortunately I married the girl I dated, that owned the dark blue 4 speed Chevy convertible.
    We used to date nearly every Sunday at the drags. She could out power shift me then....and can still beat me today.
    I'm still in too deep with projects and thankful for a good family to back me up.
    Ya gotta love this obsession!


    Jimmy G.
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