H.A.M.B. Alliance Discounts

Thanks to the businesses that truly get our cause and want to give back, Alliance members are elligible for some pretty hefty discounts. Redeeming your coupon is easy. Simply call the Alliance vendor and have your H.A.M.B. username and registered email address handy. Once verified as a member, you’re set! Enjoy the discounts and thanks for your support! If you are not a member and would like to enjoy these discounts and even more in the future, click here for details.

Featured Vendor

One of the first big companies with enough vision and foresight to join the Alliance was Coker Tires. A big thanks goes out to Corky and the boys for their support of not only The Jalopy Journal, but traditional hot rodding as a whole. Their discount varies product-by-product, but most guys will make their Alliance membership dues back by simply purchasing a set of tires. Very aggressive discounts! To get your discount online, simply grab your discount code here (must be a logged in Alliance member to view link) or call Coker up on the phone.

Alliance Vendors

Here they are fellas… The vendors that make it happen. Be sure to check back often as this list will change and grow almost daily!

Acme Trading Company – These guys do some bitchin’ die cast cars and if you are an Alliance Member, you will get 10% off everything they sell!

Acme Speed Shop – If you dig on art and apparel produced by some of the industry’s best artists, you need to check out Acme. AND, if you are an Alliance member, you get 10% off all purchases. To get your discount code, click here.

American Pastimes Hot Rod Parts– Need hot rod parts? Just about anything? Look up American Pastime Hot Rod Parts and get 10% off your order if you are an Alliance member!

American Speed Company – Here’s an interesting one. American Speed does a lot of contemporary hot rod parts, but they also have some detail parts that good for the traditionalist as well. Check out their instrument clusters (10% off) and their repro ’33 grilles ($100 off).

Antique Tyres – The Coker connection for Australians!!!! Get close to dealer pricing on all your orders!!!!

Atlas Speed & Custom – Some of my favorite fellas in Texas… This shop is based in Denison, TX and Alliance Members get 10% off all labor and merchandise. How about that?

Atomic Hot Rods – You like Hot Rod Movies? Atomic Hot Rods is your joint… and, if you are an Alliance member, you get 10% off!

Automotive Insulation – Mike made his bones by providing one lucky Alliance member free insulation for a product review. The report? Good stuff… And now Alliance members can get 10% off all of Mike’s products…

AutoReWire.com – Al Campion has been around for years and his wiring solutions are second to none. He’s offering 10% off to all Alliance members.

Auto Round-Up Publications – A pretty damned good classifieds book and a big supporter of ours. Alliance members get 1 free year when they buy 1 year. That’s $19.95 (80%) off the cover price. To use your discount, click here.

Baileigh Industrial – Metal fabrication tools for the guy that knows what he’s doing… Great stuff and Alliance members get big discounts. Call sales and ask for Shane for a quote.

BD Sign Supply – Get 10% off on all their One Shot Paint. How about that!!!!

Bear Metal Kustoms – These guys have been around the H.A.M.B. for years and are known good folks… Get 15% off their labor rates and 5 to 10% off on parts from vendors such as Speedway, Fat Man, Early Wheel Company, Chassis Engineering, etc…

Bed Wood And Parts – Need some bed wood? There’s pretty much one place to go. And if you are an Alliance member, you get 10% off!

Blacktop Graffiti – A little magazine for the masses published by a HAMBer… Alliance members get 5 issues for the price of 4.

Bob’s Classic Auto Glass – It’s hard to find an experienced glass guy and we are lucky to have Bob and his crew aboard. Get 10% off all flat glass, 5% off the curved the stuff…

Bonspeed – We’ve been fans of Brad and the fellas over at Bonspeed for a long time, so we are pretty excited to list them here as an Alliance Vendor. They are offering 10% off all orders, plus they are willing to give our members a free t-shirt with their first order over $50!

The Brassworks – Here’s a quick way to get your annual Alliance dues back… The Brassworks is offering $50 off all radiators and radiator restorations. Hard to beat!!!!

Bubba’s Hot Rod Shop – The official supplier of distributors to The Jalopy Journal is also an Alliance Vendor. Folks don’t get any better than Jim Linder. If you are an Alliance Member, you get 10% off all of Jim’s services and free shipping.

Butch’s Cool Stuff – 1928 to 1965 hot rod and custom parts straight from Butch! Alliance members get 10% off of everything they sell online.

Brookville Roadster – The legendary folks of steel are now Alliance Vendoirs and yeah, we are pretty excited about it… Get 10% off everything other than bodies, beds, frames, and chassis.

Calculated Custom Metal Works – Get 10% off of CNC Plasma cutting rates, free setup, and $5 off labor rates from these Ohio natives.

California Car Cover – Famous for their car covers. No description necessary. Alliance members get 10% off on all orders.

Candy’s Hot Rod Supply – Looking for one of the best damned speed shops in all of Canada? You found it. And all Alliance members get a serious discount from one of or favorite long-time HAMBers.

Capp’s Hot Rods – A Woodland Hills, CA hot rod shop offering 15% off list on American Autowire Products and free shipping for alliance members and free shipping on any set of 4 rocket racing wheels.

The Chopper Rod Shop – Kenny is a long time HAMBer and a good pal. He’s done a ton for our community and just keeps on doing more. We weren’t surprised at all when he decided to offer a 10% discount on all chop tops as well as his book covering the process.

Chuckles Garage – Another long time HAMBer steps up as a vendor. Scotty is offering 15% off labor and 5% off all hard parts.

Clarks Metal and Speed – These create all kinds of cool little detail parts for your hot rod and if you are an Alliance Member, you get 10% off of everything they make – including labor and metal fabrication.

Classic Parts Of America – Alliance members get 5% off all orders. Discounts exclude special order drop-shipped items. Click here to get your discount code.

Classic Instruments – Nobody does a custom gauge like Classic Instruments… Nobody. That’s why we were so fired up to hear that they were joining the Alliance. What do we get? 10% off on any standard gauge packages, 10% off the design and production fees for custom design services (round, full sets only), and 10% off ($300 max) any retrofit projects you bring their way.

Classic Rods & More – Just a big ole speed shop stocked full of stuff we all need every now and then. Plus, they have a good online store to make your shopping that much easier. Alliance members get 5% off. To get your online discount code, click here.

Cone Engineering – When you are ready to do your exhaust, Cone Engineering carries just about anything you would ever need to get the job done. And Alliance members get 5% off EVERYTHING, plus free shipping on orders over $99.

Cornhusker Rod & Custom – Cornhusker has long been a source for traditional hot rod parts. They make a damn good roller and have a wide product offering. If you are an Alliance member, you get 10% off of all products they manufacture (expect full chassis) and LIBERAL discounts on all other products.

Coupe Custom Accessories – Bitchin decals and other accessories. Alliance members get 10% off – just use the discount code found here.

Custom Metal Finishing – Chrome… You gotta have it… and CMF is an Alliance vendor that offers 5% off their services. Beat that with a stick!

Cyclone Racing Equipment – Kevin over at Cyclone has been working hard for years in an effort to keep the Cyclone brand alive. His effort has paid off big time as his Cyclone heads, intakes, and quick-change rears are now considered to be some of the best traditional speed parts on the market. Alliance members will get 10% off of all Cyclone Speed Equipment orders. Contact Cyclone by email.

Daddy Katz – Our very first Alliance Vendor that offers “non auto” products… Daddy Katz is your place for t-shirts and other paraphernalia. Members get 10% off!

Dagger Tools – Great metal shaping tools at great prices… Even better if you are an Alliance member. 10% off any tool order and 5% off any machinery.

Danase Detailing Supply – Bob over at Danase offers some of the best damn detailing supplies in the business. He’s also supports the H.A.M.B. Alliance by offering 10% off all of his products to Alliance Members.

Dayton Wire Wheel – I’ve loved Dayton wheels since my start in lowriding. These guys do so much more though and we couldn’t be happier to have them aboard. Get 15% off all products and accessories.

Diamond P Industries – Diamond P is working on a line of super bitchin cast products. Check out their site for the full story and get 5% off if you are an Alliance member! To get your discount code, click here!

Dick’s Classic Garage – Dick runs a killer little museum just down the road from us in San Marcos, TX. If you are in the area, check it out… If you are an Alliance Member, you get $3 off admission and 10% off in the gift shop.

Eastwood – A big score for us… Because, well… Who doesn’t use Eastwood products? And now if you are an Alliance Member, you get 10% off all items (not valid on heavy or sale items) they carry. To get your discount, use the code found here.

Eaton Springs – The name in springs… You need it, they got it. And alliance members get 10% off!

English Custom Polishing – Steve has supported us for a long time, so it’s only natural that he is the first metal finisher in the Alliance. Get 20% off all of his services!

Exeter Auto Supply – Exeter is offering 5% off of their entire Offenhauser line as well as 10% off of the rest of their catalog. Dan carries just about everything, so check out the site and contact him if you don’t see what ya need – he’ll get it for ya!

EZ Boy – These guys have come a long way in just a few short years. If you are looking for a damn nice interior in your car and don’t want to spend a ton of coin, give them a shot. Alliance members get 10% off.

Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts – The great race veteran and long-time parts man is now an Alliance vendor. Get free freight on all orders.

FiftySixDelux – Here is one for our UK members… FiftySixDeluxe serves up all kinds of stuff for your hot rod and if you are an Alliance member, you get 5% off.

FPM Polished Metals – The folks at FPM have been providing the hot rod world with machine turned metals for a quite a while now… We are proud to annouce that they are now offering Alliance members 10% off all of their parts and services. There is no excuse for that ugly dash now fellas…

French Lake Auto Parts – Looking for that hard to find vintage part? Give Skip a call and get 10% off!

Gambino KustomsGet 10% off all Fatman suspension products and 15% off Gambino’s famous notch kits!

Gear Drive Speed & Custom – Long time H.A.M.B. guy that makes some cool stuff! Get free domestic shipping (international orders get upto a $35 credit on shipping charges) on u-fab intakes, lake headers, all kinds of flathead and other traditional hot rod parts.

Griot’s Garage – Some of the best damned shop stuff on the planet!!! Griot’s offers shop organization products, tools, cleaning supplies and a ton of other cool stuff for your man cave. Alliance members get 15% off of their world renowned car care products! For more details and to get your Alliance discount code, click here! (You must be logged on as an Alliance Member to view the page)

Haneline Products – Oh man… I love Haneline. They did the engine turned dash panel in my ’38 and were a joy to work with. We are excited as hell that they are now an Alliance vendor. Members get 10% off any gauge set and 10% off any of their hand made inserts.

Hanksville Hot Rods – Need some mandrel bends for your headers, exhaust or roll cage? Hank will hook you up with his amazingly modern bending stuff… Cool shit and Alliance members get 15% off all his services.

Hells Gate Hot Rods – Heres a good source for exhaust flanges, you-weld intake kits, and the like. And Alliance members get 10% off of everything!

Highway 99 Hot Rods – Don has been a big supporter of ours for years and we are tickled shitless to call him an Alliance vendor. Get 15% off his teardrop blisters!

Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle – Kevin & Chad are big time H.A.M.B. supporters and we couldn’t be happier to have them as part of the Alliance. Get 10% off all your shop purchases. Smoking deal for you fellas in the Chi-town area!

Honest Charley Speed Shop – The world famous speed shop is now an Alliance vendor! So, if you are an Alliance member you get 5% off all orders. To get your discount online, simply use the discount code found here.

The Hot Rod Company – The Hot Rod Company has been contributing to the H.A.M.B. for years, so it’s only natural that they are one of our first Alliance vendors. If you aren’t familiar, check out their insane print library and decent selection of hard parts. You get 5% off.

Hot Rod Garage – Jim & Bentley join the ranks of the Alliance vendors with a great offer. Get 10% off all Vintage Air and Hot Rod Garage products, 5% off all other brands they cary such as Super Bell, American Racing, Flaming River, Moon, Pete & Jakes, SoCal, Street and Performance, Lokar, Brookville, Power Master, Centech Wiring, etc…

Hot Rod Leather – Eric is a long time supporter of us here at The Jalopy Journal and his products feature fantastic pride in craftsmanship. If you need leather goods, look him up. If you are an Alliance Member, get 10% off! Get your online discount code here.

Hot Rod Works – Builders of the best new quick changes on the planet… And Alliance members get 10% off many of their parts and 15% off all apparel. For discount details, click here.

HouseOspeed – These guys offer all kinds of art, shift knobs, and other accessories. They’ve been HAMBer’s for a long time and it’s great to have them aboard as a vendor as well. And Alliance members get 15% off on everything!

Hudson Performance – A great little speed shop in Pennsylvania is offering 10 – 15% off selected items to all Alliance members. Check out their website or PM “SneakyPete” for more details!

Irrational Metalworks – Tim runs one hell of a fabrication shop out of Combine, TX. Check out his site and dig on his work. If you like what you see and you are an Alliance member, you can get 10% off of all labor.

Joe Gibbs Racing Oil – We all know that modern oil sucks. Joe Gibbs Racing released an oil that gives us an alternative… with all the zinc goodness of the old stuff. If you are an Alliance member, you get 10% off. Click here for your discount code.

Keep It Clean Wiring – Anything and everything you will ever need to tackle your wiring projects and if you are an Alliance member, you get 15% off!

The Kiwi Konnection – These guys make some of the best rolling chassis’ on the planet. Alliance members get big discounts – 5% off orders under $2500 and 10% off orders over.

Klassic Keys – Need a key for your car? These are your guys. As an Alliance member, you’ll get 10% off all orders. Just enter the code found here at checkout.

KMS Tool Repair – Gotta tool that just won’t get the job done? KMS is your place… They fix stuff right. And if you are an Alliance member, you get 10% off all parts and labor!

Kustom Gonzo / Smokin’ Shutdown – These fellas sell one of the best hot rod magazines you find over the pond. Alliance members get 10% off everything in their store!

Kustomra’mag – You fellas on the other side of the pond (and on this side for that matter) are going to love this. The fellas at Kustomra’mag are offering Alliance members 20% off all of thier magazines!

LimeWorks Speedshop – Alliance members get 10% off of all LimeWorks manufactured parts! That’s one hell of a deal on some of the most renowed steering columns, steering wheels, and other traditional hot rod parts.

Little City Speed & Custom – Genuine Stromberg carbs and all kinds of vintage speed equipment from Nevada… Alliance members get 10 to 15% off!

Logic Industries – Looking for custom CAD work or prototype stuff? Logic is your answer and if you are an Alliance member, you get 15% off their stock products, 10% off their custom fab stuff, 5% off custom machined stuff, and other great discounts.

Mad Hatter Speed & Custom – A southern style speed shop known for killer fabrication and creativity. Alliance members get 15% off their parts and special consideration on shop rates.

Maund Speed – Vintage speed parts for hot rods and bikes made like they used to make… And Alliance members get 5% off everything.

Minnesota Hot Rod Hardware – A full range of hot rod parts located conveniently in the great state of Minnesota. Alliance members get 10% off!

Modelahinges.com – Now this is cool… Blue Chip Engineering is re-popping model-a hinges and if you are an Alliance member, you get 10% off!

Motorhead Extraordinaire – Do you want super high quality tool storage? Lista, Strong Hold, Reelcraft, etc… Motorhead carries them all and for great prices. If you are an Alliance member, you get even better prices – Call Joe Germann at 800-618-8028 for 20% off Retail.

New Vintage USA – Looking for distinctive gauges with a vintage feel? Check out Vintage USA’s offerings. If you are an Alliance member, you’ll get 10% off any in-stock order and 15% off any special order.

Night Prowlers – Everybody knows Night Prowlers. No introduction neeeded for one of the oldest and best custom suppliers in the world. Alliance members get 10% off!

Nine-O-Nine Speed Shop – A Louisiana based hot rod shop carrying everything from axles to Strombergs… And Alliance Members get 8% off everything in the store and free shipping on all orders over $250 (excluding axles).

North Central Speed Shop – A Texas speed shop with all the right goods for your traditional hot rod. Alliance members get 5 to 10% off.

O’Brien Truckers – Dennis O’Brien is one of the truly nice guys of traditional hot rodding. He’s supported us for years here at The Jalopy Journal and was one of the first vendors we approached about the Alliance. There simply isn’t a better resource for club plaques, finned accessories, etc… Alliance members get 10% off of all purchases.

Open Tracker Racing Products – These fellas mostly focus on muscle cars, but they’ve got a great selection of chassis products that many of you guys will find handy as well. Performance. And you get 10% off.

Owens Salvage Company – Bob is a long time H.A.M.B.er and has been a huge supporter of ours for a number of years. His salvage yard is litterally 65 acres of heaven. Call him up at 800-798-2581 and get 10% off all of your used parts.

Pete & Jakes – The Slovers are good friends of The Jalopy Journal. They’ve been at it for years to bring us some of the best chassis parts on the planet. Call em up, tell them you are a H.A.M.B. Alliance member and get free domestic freight on everything other than full rolling chassis, front-ends, and rear-ends.

Phoenix Machine – Air cleaners, dash panels, exhaust flanges, etc… Phoenix carries a great line of American made hot rod parts. Alliance members get 10% off!

Porter Mufflers – Porter Mufflers have been belting out solid tunes since the 1930’s as the first aftermarket performance Muffler ever offered! As an Alliance member, Porter will offer you 10% off all mufflers, and exhaust accessories such as clamps, hanger, stainless tips and official Porter t-shirts! To get your discount online or by phone, use this discount code.

Premier Paint & Body – One of the best paint and body shops in the middle of the country (Kustom City, KS)… Jeff Meyers is the guy responsible for a ton of ground breaking customs including Dennis’ McPhail’s latest ’56 Chevy. He is offering all Alliance members a 15% discount. Call Jeff to make it happen: 620-441-0820

Rallye Productions Inc. – These guys are famous for their metal tags and they do great work. If you need some for your car shows (big or small) and you are an Alliance member, you get 10% off any dash plaque order!

Rally America – Jimmy and Gary are hard at work on this new wheel company and we expect great things from them. You should too! In fact, all Alliance members get 10% off all of the wheels they carry!

Real Rodder’s Wheels – Some of the best short production wheels in the world. Made by craftsman who care right here in the USA. And if you are an Alliance member, you get 5% off of their production items.

Rebel Wire Inc. – Bob over at Rebel Wire offers some of the best traditional wiring solutions on the market. And if you are an Alliance member, you get FREE SHIPPING!

RediRad – Want to keep your stock radio, but still hear modern tunes? Check out RediRad and get 5% off and free shipping.

Restoration Supply Co. – These fellas carry a lot of hard to find do-dads and what not. They are out of California and will treat ya right – especially if you are an Alliance Member. 10% off.

RJay’s Speed Shop – Cory is one of those guys that just knows how to run a modern speed shop. Good selection and good service. He’s offering 15% off all Chassis products manufactured by Rjays and 10% on all chasssis made by Rjays … Check out his website, pick out the stuff you need, and give him a call to get your total discount or just enter the discount code at check out.

RoAcH Studios – Brian is one of us and sells some pretty rad swag. And get this, Alliance Vendors get 20% off their entire order!!!!

The Rodder’s Journal – The best magazine ever published… Our good pals over at TRJ have supported us almost since day one and we are proud that they now offer Alliance members 15% off all of their merchandise.

RodLouvers – These guys rule… They make a ton of different panels that are pre-louvered for your enjoyment. How about that? And Alliance members get 15% off in stock items and 20% off custom designs!

Sanderson Headers – This was a big deal for us and we couldn’t be happier to have Sanderson on board as a vendor… Members get 10% off any order!

Santa Cruz Speed & Custom – The guys from Crime Scene Choppers are jumping into the hot rod world with a couple of nice little products. And if you are an Alliance member, you will get 10 to 20% off.

Sacramento Kustoms – A full custom shop out of Sacramento that does killer work. And if you are an Alliance member, you get 5% off AccuAir products, 10% off their glorious 32-34 Ford quarter panels, and 15% off their shop rate.

Scarebird Classic Brakes – Mark exposed us to his products by way of our good buddies Pontiac wagon and now that we are impressed, he is giving out deals to all Alliance members. 10% off to be exact.

Savage Speed – New Stromberg 97s, killer blower adapters, and all kinds of other neat parts from Savage are available for 15% off to Alliance members.

Show Time Transport – Looking to get a car moved? Show Time has been doing it for over 30 years out of South Carolina and travel nationwide. Alliance members get 5% off! Contact Racinman on the HAMB.

So-Cal Speedshop Sacramento – These guys sell so much more than just So-Cal Speed parts… SF Flatheads, French flathead blocks, old speed parts, etc… And if you are an Alliance member, you can get 15% off of clothing and apparel, and 5% off all hard parts – new or used.

So-Mo Speed Shop– How about a good ole Missouri based speed shop? We got you covered with So-Mo. Get 5% off any order if you are an Alliance Member.

South Austin Speed Shop – Our pals in Austin have stepped up to offer 10% off all services including Fat Lucky upholstery!

Specialty Cars, Inc. – Insane metal fabrication out of Fulerton, CA. INSANE. And Alliance members get 10% off all parts they offer as well as a dirt cheap $65/hr labor rate!

SpeedJunkee’s Carbs – Need some carbs rebuilt or just some parts? Give SpeedJunkee a call. Members get 10% off all parts and labor.

Speedometer & Alternator Service Co. – Need a speedo, alternator, or generator rebuilt? These fellas will get ya taken care of. And if you are an Alliance Member, you get 10% off!

Steadfast Mfg. – Famous for their model-a subrails, Steadfast is also responsible for all kinds of other fabrication. Check them out and take warmth in your 5% discount on select items!

Stroker Kits – Wanna stroke that flathead or even that vintage overhead of yours? Sroker Kits has ya covered and if you are an Alliance member, you get 10% off everything!

T & A Transport – If you have been on the H.A.M.B. for long, you know Ben and you know he is just about your best option for shipping a car cross country. He’s offering 5% off of overall transport costs on complete cars to all Alliance members. Give him an email or call him at 417.818.0844.

Throttle Merchants Magazine – One of my favorite little magazines in the world is now an Alliance Vendor. Get 15% off your entire order. Use the discount code found here.

Tornado Design – One of the first non-auto part vendors we’ve accepted… I’ve been a big fan of the work coming out of Tornado for quite a while and am stoked that they are offering Alliance members 10% off everything they sell.

Trique Manufacturing – Trique sells a lot of contemporary hot rod stuff along with some great coatings. Members get 10% off everything they sell. To get your online discount code, click here.

Twin Cities Rod & Custom – These guys out of Minnn-E-Sota do some great stuff and carry a decent line of speed parts. Alliance members get 10% off of most of the stuff they carry.

Vern Tardel Enterprises – The man, the myth, the legend… Vern Tardel sells some of the most cherrished traditional hot rod parts available. Alliance members get 10% off everything he offers.

Vintage Driveline – Canadians rejoice!!! Jason and Greg are offering smoking deals to Alliance members from thier Canadian speed shop. 15% off Gennie, 10% off Stromberg parts, 5% off Stromberg carbs, 15% off Eelco, 20% off labor, and 5% off everything else…

Vintage Ignition – One of the best places around to get your vintage ignition tuned or restored is offering an incredible 20% off of all of their services to Alliance members. We can’t thank them enough.

Vintage Metal – Norm runs one hell of a hot rod shop and if you are an Alliance member, he offers 10% off fabrication services, 15% off VM parts, and 20% off his custom ’25 bodies.

Vintage Rod Components – A pretty damned neat little online retail store with all sorts of vintage inspired speed parts. Alliance members get 5% off everything they have in stock. For directions on how to get your discount online, just click here.

Walton Fabrication – Todd carries everything you need to build a bad ass chassis and if you are an Alliance member, you get a damn fine discount… Stay tuned.

Watson’s House Of Style – Legendary stuff originating from the late and legendary Larry Watson. Alliance Members get 10% off everything.

Welder Series Inc. – DW sells all kinds of cool weld-on brackets and other kits from the do-it-yourself hot rodder. Alliance members get 10% off everything.

Weatherstripspecial.com – Need rubber for your hotrod? As an Alliance member, Ed over at weatherstripspecial.com will give ya 10% off of Metro, Precision, Soft Seal, and Steele products!

Wheelers Chop Shop– For all of your fabrication and general construction needs… Wheelers Chop Shop customers get 15% off across the board. How about that?

Wheel Vintiques – A long term supporter of The Jalopy Journal is now an Alliance Vendor as well. Need some wheels? Stop looking… Alliance members get 5% off any purchase.

Wilson Welding & Machine – Nobody does it like Bob Wilson – Known for his incredible early Ford brake reproductions, Bob also offers a lot of other cool shit for the traditionalist. Alliance members get some pretty damn nifty discounts. Now, Bob doesn’t have a computer so his pal Byron is giving out the quotes. Send him a PM with your needs and he’ll get back to you with more info and discount quotes.

Wolfgang Publications – You like books? Me too… And Wolfgang offers some of the best. Get 10% off your order with Wolfgang!

ZddPlus – ZddPlus is an oil addiditive that essentially brings today’s modern oil up to snuff for your vintage engine. Alliance members get their fifth bottle free after buying four! To get your discount, simply type “JalopyJournal” into the discount field at checkout!

Are you a vendor?

If you feel like your company is relevant to the Alliance and you would like to support the cause, contact us.