The HAM!

The HAM!

So I’ve got Volume 1, Issue 4 of Honk! Magazine. The cover is ripped off, the pages are printed crooked, and all around, it’s just in really bad shape. In it, however, is one of my favorite features of all time. The feature covers a ’32 roadster that belonged to Max Balchowsky. Max was well known in his local hot rod scene mostly because he was the guy that took his dog everywhere. Max’s dog, Ted, was essentially a trained circus monkey – he’d do just about anything you told him to do.

Enter Eric Rickman – one of the best feature writers of our time. Eric had seen Max’s roadster and liked what he saw. The car featured a novel LaSalle motor, a clean channel, and some great details. Even so, Eric wasn’t convinced of the feature until he saw Ted. Ted sold him.

Brilliantly, Eric had Max set up the car for the feature and then ordered Ted to pose. The result is what you see below… I love old cars… and dogs.


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