Hot Rod Books

Hot Rod Books

Hot Rod Books

I was living in Norman, Oklahoma when I first caught the traditional hot rod bug. While I still consider Norman to be the capital of this great country, it’s not exactly a hot bed for traditional hot rods and kustoms. Without the inspiration around me, I had to find it on my own..

My first step was the bookstore. I read everything I could get my hands on that was based on the early efforts of hot rods and kustoms. I read them from cover to cover, stared at the pictures, took in all the little details… Those books helped form my tastes and my passion for all this stuff that I pretty much live for now. I thought it might be cool to list some of my favorites. Here is my top-5:

1. The American Hot Rod by Dean Batchelor – This one is an absolute must have. Nobody told the stories better than Dean Batchelor and the shots found in this book were really my first exposure to traditional hot rods and race cars.

2. Custom Cars of the 1950s by Andy Southard – Another hero with a pen and a camera. All of Andy’s books inspire and you will see more than one on this list. This particular book is my favorite kustom book… ever…

3. Hot Rods of the 1950s by Andy Southard – Another book by Andy with more of the same – great photography.

4. Hot Rods of the 1960s by Andy Southard – Andy yet again… I prefer the “1950s” entry to this one, but it is still a must have.

5. The Birth of Hot Rodding by Wally Parks – Another absolute must have… Forward by Wally Parks, authored by Robert Genat.

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