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I got my latest copy of The Rodder’s Journal last night and one of the articles sparked a question. What’s your favorite “classic car era” (that means 1950 to 1958) custom of all time? Forget top-5, forget ties… If ya have to pick one, which is it? I’ll go first…

The Barris built Larry Ernst 1951 Chevrolet takes the cake for me. Now there were a couple of versions of this car through the years and both were gorgeous, but the earliest build gets my trophy. It’s the colors really… When I took my mom to the 50th anniversary of the Oakland roaster show, a clone of the car was sitting in the main room. She was instantly taken aback and mentioned that she had never seen a car painted the “colors of fall” before. For whatever reason, that comment stuck with me… and so has the car. Perfect chop, sugar sweet front-end, simple trim choices, great stance, and man… those colors.

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