The Jalopy Races

The Jalopy Races

The following video was sent to me by Dave Hallberg of Scottville, Michigan. Dave is passionate about Jalopy Racing in a way that I can’t explain. Along with this video, he sent a number of old photos as well as a three page hand-written letter that explains the details of the video he made. Together, it was one incredible package.

Pay particular attention to the interviews. The first man interviewed was dying of cancer. As Dave interviewed him, the man’s wife sat in the kitchen and sobbed. He died a few days later. The third man interviewed owned a surviving Jalopy racer and ended up giving the car to Dave, who in turn gave the car to his daughter. To this day, the two thrash around in the racer on their farm.

Dave has a number of other projects in the works and promises more video covering the early days of Jalopy Racing. We can’t wait to see what he has in store…


{Note: Be patient… The first few seconds of the video are static.}

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