So Long Larry…

So Long Larry…

A few years ago I was at the Grand National Roadster Show with my good pal Rod Powell. As a guest of his, I attended the Hall of Fame Luncheon at the event’s host hotel. It was exactly as you would expect it to be – a bunch of old farts telling stories and trying their best to remember the finer points of them. It went on forever… and I was in heaven.

As the event was rapping up, Rod asked me if I would like to meet Gene Winfield. Of course I did and off we went. Before Rod introduced me, however, he had some catching up of his own to do with Gene. I stood silently in the background and waited for my moment. A few minutes into Rod and Gene’s conversation, I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned to see Larry Watson seemingly inline behind me.

“That’s Gene Winfield!” Larry jokingly called.

“And you’re Larry Watson!” I retorted. “This is crazy. I’m standing between three heroes (Gene, Rod, and Larry) and I’ll be damned if none of you fellas have halos over your heads.”

“We take those off when we go indoors. It’s good manners. And besides, I’m no hero. Hell, I’m in line behind you! Did you hang your halo at the door as well?”

I laughed and then someone came up to ask Larry for an autograph. I turned around so that person could have their moment. I had just had mine… It was only fair.

We lost Larry yesterday. I only had 5 minutes with him and I miss him already.

So long Larry.

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