Curves Of Steel

Curves Of Steel

So Jive-Bomber stole my thunder yesterday and scooped me, but I’m gonna post this anyway… The Phoenix Art Museum is hosting the “Curves Of Steel” exhibit from April 1 to June 3. In their own words:

“Curves of Steel, organized by Phoenix Art Museum, is the first exhibition in an art museum to explore the impact and influence of streamlining on American and European automobile design in the 20th century. It features 22 of some of the rarest and most stunning cars ever to be presented in one show – many are the only existing examples of their kind. They demonstrate the influence of aerodynamic testing and how it changed the look of the automobile from a rectangular “horse-less? carriage into the sleek modern automobile that embodies speed and efficiency. They exemplify the beautiful, sweeping lines, elegant details and perfect proportions where science and style intersect.”

Judging by the roster of cars included (the SoCal belly tank for one), this is going to be an incredible spectacle. You can read more here.

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