Just A Nice Roadster

Just A Nice Roadster

Don Brown’s roadster was featured in the April, 1959 edition of Rod & Custom Magazine. I recently ran across the article and frankly, was amazed the little roadster made the cut. Not only was it rare to see a flathead powered car featured in the fabled little pages by 1959, but this car seems to be so subtly built that it astonishes me that anyone ever actually noticed it – much less a feature writer. BUT, someone did and we all have R&C to thank.

If I were to build a full-fendered deuce roadster, it wouldn’t stray far from Don’s example. Athletic stance, black walls, warmed over flathead, well-eyed details, and of course… BLACK PAINT. At this point, I’m sure you fellas are sick of hearing me harp on about my passion for simplicity. I’ll stop… Promise.

In fact, we are working on a couple of more deuce roadster features that, with any luck, will be launched next week. We seem to have 32’s on the mind and you don’t wanna miss what we are monkeying around with. Stay tuned…


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