The Venus

The Venus


Flathead Youngin’” sent this tip off over… In the late 40’s, a young man by the name of Ken McLoad decided to build himself a sleek and refined sports car using the chassis and running gear from a ’49 Ford as a foundation. The results were so impressive that in 1953 or so Ken created the Ratio Mfg. Company in order to start offering the cars to the public. Although the Venus is one of the more beautifully proportioned kit-type cars from the era, its history is typical… A few were sold, a few were left incomplete, and the company fizzled after Ken sold it off.

Lucky for us though, that’s not where the story ends. Ken’s son has taken it upon himself to not only spread the word of the Venus, but to restore one as well. His story can be found here… and it’s a great one.

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