The Dodge Texan

The Dodge Texan

I found myself surrounded my angry Yankees this weekend. With a hint of deceit in their eye, they asked about “Texas Pride” and why all Texans figure they have it made simply because of the geographic location they reside in. I panicked a bit, but settled down once I noticed one of them was sporting a MOPAR shirt. All Mopar guys are the same…

“Hey man, you ever seen that Dodge Texan commercial they ran in the 50’s?” I asked.

His eyes fogged over… and he must have had some pull with his buddies because they seemed to lose interest in my hide once their Mopar buddy showed his cards. I had ’em now and there was no way I was gonna turn ’em lose.

“I tell ya what partner – I’ll post that video this week. You just stayed tuned to The Jalopy Journal. Ya hear?”

Well, here it is fellas… I never break my promises – I’m a Texan by-god! Enjoy.


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