Vintage European Racing Posters

Vintage European Racing Posters

What makes the 1920-1960 era of European racing posters so fascinating, and hold up so well? From the point of just being great, classic illustrations, the prints possess the 3 key elements needed to be successful and stand the test of time: Bold, Simple, and Graphic. Then there is the romance of the subject matter: 24 Hours of Le Mans, Monaco Grand Prix, and other iconic racing events from the ‘open-wheel’ era when the safety equipment was minimal, the rule book was thin, and drivers did it for the love more than sponsorship money.

I dug up some of my favorites and attached them below, but please feel free to post anything you’ve got from this era as well. I even threw in an early 50s Watkins Glen poster, just to show how much the European stuff inspired sports car racing art in this country, too. Enjoy!

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