Tech Week: WINNER!

Tech Week: WINNER!

Tech week is over and man, was it a good one. So good in fact, that judging got hairy. The judges were the prize givers – 3wLarry, HotRod33, Mark-V, Atomic Hot Rods, Zman, and myself. We all met late at night in the local bowling alley. Knowing it could ugly, the owner of Route-66 Bowl shut the place down and dimmed the lights. It was a good move as the heated discussion ended in a two-way tie.

Beer bottles were thrown, voices were raised, fisticuffs ensued, etc… It wasn’t long before the cops got called and we were all hauled off to jail for piss poor behavior. On the way to the pokey, it was decided that Paul (our tech editor on duty and not currently incarcerated) would be called upon as the tie breaker. I used my phone call and filled him in. He chose thoughtfully.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner:

Da Tinman!

He wins a few hundred bucks, a DVD, and a shit ton of stuff from Mark-V. If you enjoyed tech week as much as I did, be sure to thank all the folks that made it happen – Larry, HotRod33, Mark-V, Atomic Hot Rods, Zman, and all the guys that gave it a shot with a tech article. Thanks fellas.


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