On the Road in a Roadster

On the Road in a Roadster

As the cold winds blow, and rain clouds approach, there is no doubt that old man Winter is upon us. Time to put up the top, turn on the heater, and wear a warm jacket when you drive the old car. As a toast the lingering days of Fall, I figured I would write about the only car I own with no top. There is something about that connection between you and the moving asphalt when your driving in a roadster. I don’t get the same feeling in the ’39 Mercury convertible that I do in the little ’29 A. Its like sitting up high on a bench, bouncing down the road, and having the full sense that earth passing right underneath you. Feeling like I could just step out the door (or fall out) at any minute. Maybe that’s what makes a real topless, windowless roadster so fun, so engaging to drive. Ford stopped making them in ’37, and even by then they were considered spartan and a bit juvenile compared to a cabriolet- Maybe that’s what makes them so great.

PS- Its really hard to take a good picture with a small camera when your driving with one hand on the wheel and the other shaking like a leaf…


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