The 2007 Grand National Roadster Show

The 2007 Grand National Roadster Show

1938 Ford Cab

It’s over. I think the same car that won last year took home the trophy again this year… or at least the same car in theory. Neutral, clean, gorgeous… You’ve seen it before and if you haven’t, it will on the cover of some magazine in a few months.

The problem with indoor car shows is that most of the emphasis is placed on trophies and awards. Who got best interior? Best paint? Did so-and-so get best in show? I’ve long believed that these old cars of ours are above trophies, above sitting motionless in an indoor “civic” center, and certainly above some judge with a clip board and a high opinion of his own opinion.

All bitching aside though, there’s been a ton of decent coverage on the H.A.M.B. from the GNRS. Looks like there was a REALLY nice showing of traditional cars and as always, a few folks debuted some pretty nifty rides as well. Here’s a few of many posts covering the event:

1. Bad Bob on Setup day
2. Cruzr covers just about everything

NOTE: Anyone with more pictures of the ’38 above… I’d pretty much kill to see them.

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