The Orr Trophies

The Orr Trophies

Karl and Veda Orr represent the first family of hot rodding. In 1940, Karl opened up what many to believe to be the first speed shop in Southern California. He built engines, sold heads, cams, carbs, you name it… And his business thrived well into World War II. In fact, during the war Karl went to work at Northrop Aviation to support the effort and ran his speed shop on nights and weekendsto quench his passion.

And it was during the war that Karl’s wife, Veda, found a way to bring her own talents to bare. Veda was already a well respected hot rodder herself and shared her husband’s passion blindly. Along with Floyd Clymer, she published a Hot Rod Pictorial book that was shipped to many a stranded soldier over seas. As you guys know, those Veda books are now priceless examples of our past.

But Karl and Veda did more than just support the Hot Rod Industry. They were also avid participators. In 1937, Veda hit the lakes and broke a record in her street roadster to the tune of 114 mph. A few years later, Karl jumped into that same deuce roadster and drove it to 121.62 mph – making the Orr ’32 the first to break 120.

These records were just a start. Through the years, the Orr family broke plenty more and recently, the hardware that proves their valor on the lakes recently turned up. Below are some sneak peek shots of the Lost Orr Trophies.


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