Hershey AACA Swap – Bucket List?

Hershey AACA Swap – Bucket List?

Once a year, the Antique Automobile Club of America hosts the Grandaddy of all old car part swaps, simply known as “Hershey”. An overwhelming 9000 vendors, spread over miles of parking lot for 4 days. The infamous muddy fileds are long gone, and I walked this thing from sun up to sun down for two days straight, and barely saw half of it. (Despite the massive size, I did manage to randomly run into ChevyGirlRox- Yes, she is everywhere!) If your into any kind of car from the brass era to the muscle car stuff, its there. The cars coral alone will flip your wig. I even found tons of hot rod parts like Deuce grilles, Quick Change rear ends, Flatty intakes, etc. Sure, some vendors are over-priced, but like all swaps, if you dig enough, sweet deals will be found. This is the mecca for OLD stuff. Put it on your bucket list, and bring some good walking shoes!

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