1959 Speed Shop Part 2: Gauges!

1959 Speed Shop Part 2: Gauges!

On the back side of the Hot Rod Revolution, its time to get back into the 1959 Almquist catalog and flip to our next chapter after manifolds. What is it about gauges that make us geek out so much? I always peer into a period correct roadster and eyeball the dash for convex lens S-W’s or something similarly cool. When I see an 80’s Sun Pro tach in a really nice traditional style car its always kind of a let down. Old mechanical gauges set down in an engine-turned surface are just plain cool- and the more the merrier. The Tom Cobbs roadster at the HRR drove that home for me… Tachometer first, followed by speedometer or oil pressure, water temp, fuel, and on down the line. Don’t forget to buy a nice “Hollywood” custom instrument panel while your at it! Good stuff…

What’s in your car?

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