Shoebox Convert

Shoebox Convert

I arrived in Santa Rosa, CA late last night and am about to head to Costco to get some dogs for the open house at Vern’s. As such, I don’t have a ton of time for a post… I mean shit fellas – I’ve got a REVOLUTION to prepare for! Even so, after a quick browse of the board I found a classified ad worth mentioning.

My good buddy, Bob Bleed, is getting rid of his shoebox convertible and is only looking for a song and a dance in exchange. After reading the ad, I thought about a post I wrote a few months ago – the affordable custom. In that post, we talked about how to build a really nice custom for under twenty large… We started with a ’56 Plymouth Fury thinking that its low initial cost would help us budget for modifications in the future. Never, in a million years, did I figure one of us could get into a shoebox ragtop for only $15k. The potential makes my head hurt.

If it were me (And hell, it just might be yet!), I’d spend the rest of the budget on perfecting the stance, shaving and cleaning up the body, and doing something simple with the grille.

What would you do given Bob’s ‘vert and $5k to finish it up?

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