Project Cars: The Roller Stage.

Project Cars: The Roller Stage.

There is something magic that happens when a project car reaches the ‘roller stage’. When you can actually push the car in and out of the garage. You may not have working brakes, full steering or even a seat- Heck you probably don’t have a complete engine yet! But there is air in those tires, and the suspension is set up just enough to soak in the stance. This is the part of the build when you start to feel like you’ve actually got a real thing going, not just a pile of parts or some long term art project- You’ve got a car.

I just got back from my hometown of KC, Mo. after paying a late night visit to a good friend’s garage. The last time I was there a few years back, he was at the roller stage of a certain little Modified project. This time he’s doing a killer chopped A coupe brought back from the dead and built on a shoe-string budget; I love it. As my buddy and I nudged it out on his driveway, I could just see it finished, exhaust pipes blaring, going down the road at full tilt. He saw it too. That’s all you need to keep going sometimes; to push past that next difficult step of engineering and full functionality. Keep going man! Its gonna rule.

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