National Roadster Show 1958

National Roadster Show 1958

As promised, I’ve included a few pages from the 1958 Oakland Roadster Show program to peek back 51 years ago and see what was on the Exposition floor that weekend. The show award icon “Rhoda” has made the cover once again, holding up the winged cheater slick of glory! I guess they decided to drop the guilt trip on the forward pages this time around. The Ninth Annual’s big attraction was watching a roadster built day by day during the show by Romeo Palamides (former Hot Rod cover car builder) and his crew. Good stuff.

Some highlights: Entry #451 John Lane’s T roadster pick up, was a Hop Up cover vehicle. Duane Steck brought the now-iconic ’54 Chevy Moonglow up from Long Beach. (How I would have loved to seen this car up close and in person.) “Customized Sport Roadsters” made a strong showing, mainly comprised of Corvettes, T-birds, and hand made sport jobs. Nowadays, you rarely see this type of custom- Most guys go stock, street rod or gasser with these cars… Also worth a read is the Welcome page by Al & Mary Slonaker.

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