The Rodder’s Journal #45 – BIG NEWS!

The Rodder’s Journal #45 – BIG NEWS!

There has been a lot of hype surrounding The Rodder’s Journal #45 that is due to ship to subscribers this week and it’s for good reason. Kirk’s Galaxie made the cover, Webb’s Golden Submarine made the studio, Mumford’s Ardun looks glorious, and there are absolutely wonderful pieces on both Dan Post and Jack Peters. Like the previous issues, #45 promises to better than the the last.

I, on the other hand, have been loathing the release. Frankly, I’m scared shitless… See, Steve Coonan and I have been talking about taking on a project together for some time now. Typically, we talk on the phone for an hour or so, bounce ideas of each other, hang up, and then I spend a week or more figuring out how in the hell I can live up to Steve’s expectations.┬áLike everyone else in the industry, I look way up to Steve and have always been mesmerized by his incredible talent and foresight.

In any case, issue #45 makes it official. I’ve got to step up my game.

I thought about just making the announcement here and being done with it, but I’ve always kind of dug surprises. If you do as well, check out TRJ #45 for some big news. Specifically, check out the article I wrote on John Joyo’s barn find ’36. It’s all there… And as of now, I’m all in…


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