Busmania’s ’40 Coupe

Busmania’s ’40 Coupe

For 15 years, I didn’t own a car made after 1965. The idea was to practice what I preached, but also… it was just a smart financial move. No car payments, no depreciation, cheap insurance, etc… In those 15 years, I drove a parade of old shitboxes—everything from a bare-bones Model-A coupe to a fully modernized ’60 Chevrolet wagon to my favorite American car of all time—the Buick Riviera. But the best daily driver I owned during that whole period was a flathead-powered 1939 Ford sedan.

The reasoning is as simple as the car itself. The ’39/’40 Ford is the best riding and handling Ford made until the mid-1960s. It’s nimble without being harsh. It’s comfortable without being floaty. And those juice brakes? Quite literally made for the thing…

Also, driving an old car daily amplifies the importance of maintenance. There aren’t many cars more easily maintainable than a flathead-powered ’39/’40 Ford. The motor is, of course, as simple as they come… but more than that, it’s easy to work around, in, and on. And that goes for just about all the mechanicals. Keep it simple. Keep it reliable.

Anyway, Busmania recently found himself a ’40 coupe and has been chronicling his build as he preps it for the road. As he does so, I can’t help but be reminded of my old sedan. It’s simple in all the same ways. Casual, as I like to say… And as you look at the images of his progress, you can’t help but dream about driving it yourself.

Don’t believe me? Check it out.

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