Vintage Hot Rod Roadster Restoration! (in toy form)

Vintage Hot Rod Roadster Restoration! (in toy form)

Sometime back (over a decade ago actually!), I posted about my love of vintage Nylint hot rod toys, and the HAMB agreed. These large-scale 50s/ 60s era American toy cars are incredibly durable and came in many cool model configurations, from Roadster pickup to a Model T Roadster, and everything in between. Today I’ve got a Nylint ’32 Roadster #58 that is fairly straight, but needing a complete rebuilt from the ground up. Follow along as the little jalopy goes through strip down, repaint, refurbished whitewall tires & hubcaps, and gets a 4-pot motor built from scratch! One small goof I noticed is that the restorer forgot to replace the silver foil grille insert, and I would have been tempted to paint the side pipes as well. Regardless, you have to give these toy repair craftsmen credit for the level of workmanship and detail they go through to bring old playthings back to life…


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