1952 Fageol Pataray Roadster

1952 Fageol Pataray Roadster

The 1952 Pataray roadster—an unruly beast torn from the feverish mind of Ray Fageol. This wasn’t just a car; it was a promise from the future, plastered across the cover of a 1953 issue of Mechanix Illustrated, screaming the audacious spirit of post-war America. Born from the radical blueprint of the Fageol Supersonic coupe, this concept car housed a modified 300 horsepower bus engine and other oddities that Ray thought the future might hold.

But it wasn’t just about raw power; it was a symphony of style. The Pataray flaunted a bold two-tone color scheme and a vertical stabilizer, a swaggering declaration of its uniqueness. Its name, a fusion of Ray Fageol and his wife Pat, served as a personal stamp of pride. Ray, the son of Lou Fageol—a legend with a taste for offshore boat racing and mad experiments with twin-engine cars—had racing and innovation coursing through his veins.

For decades, the Pataray lay dormant, a forgotten relic of a bygone era. But a while back, freshly restored and gleaming with new vigor, it emerged from the shadows, ready to reclaim its place in the pantheon of automotive concept legends.

Daring innovation, fellas… What I find odd about this car is its silence. I believe it debuted at Pebble Beach and has done some time at the Petersen Museum, but details of its history, construction, restoration, etc… are slim. I just wanna know more.

You can see better images here. But I’ve yet to find any decent detail shots of the interior or under the hood.

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