Hot Rods at Pomona in 1952

Hot Rods at Pomona in 1952

Another great set of images from the Los Angeles Examiner Archives, this time shot at a Pomona hot rod timing event in April of 1952.  (Note- These were shown on the HAMB way back in 2008, but the links are dead!) What we can tell from the photos was this was a city police-sanctioned event with cars racing the clock rather than each other. The photographer’s name was Mercurio and his notes include:

“Carlos Ramirez; Mike Magem; and Joaquin Arnett, with modified roadster with Ford engine who held top speed for the day at 118 miles per hour. Body was made out of old car hoods and the frame out of water pipes.”

“Mike Magem, with modified roadster with Ford engine held top speed for the day at 118 mph.”

“Dave Allison, and Jim Choner, shown with their 1927 Model T Ford Roadster which hit speed of 115 mph.”

“Val Peyton, 1929 Model A Ford. In spite of a broken hip he received in auto accident, (he) manages to work on car with crutches.”

“Wayne Wright, and his girlfriend Warnetta Swell.”

“Russell Dwyer, and his sister Maxine Dwyer, work on their 1940 stock Ford top speed 80 mph. In one picture shows Russell Dwyer, wiping grease spot off of sister’s nose.”

“Red Robertson, in 1925 Model T Ford finished at 114 mph.”

“Dave Allison, racing a 1927 Model T Roadster finished at 115 mph.”

“Virginia Wachel, (driver) and Sergeant Bud Coons, shown with 1934 Ford sedan (which reached a) speed (of) 101 mph.”

“Howard White, and his brother Harold White, working on their 1925 model T Ford.”

All photos were part of the Los Angeles Examiner Photographs Collection, and now courtesy of University of Southern California digital archives

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