Fear & Loathing The Ohanesian ’34

Fear & Loathing The Ohanesian ’34

In 1952, Buddy Ohanesian decided to go racing. He procured a 1934 Ford coupe and quickly got to work. The end result was a heavily chopped top, a stance so dramatic it could make a preacher swear, and a nose that could slice through air like a hot knife through butter. Some say he drew inspiration from the legendary Pierson Brothers Coupe, but Buddy was a breed of his own.

Yet, for all his bravado, Buddy never quite tasted the sweet nectar of speed like his idols. Sure, there was that one fleeting moment in 1952 when he scorched the Bonneville salt flats, clocking in at a respectable 136.42mph. But it was a moment frozen in time, never to be replicated.

Then came the dark twist in the tale, the kind that would make even the most hardened racers shudder. In a drag race gone awry, fate took a vicious turn. Louie Ortiz, strapped behind the wheel, felt the earth-shattering explosion as the flywheel let loose, piercing the flesh of his ass, destroying his eye, and shattering dreams in one brutal stroke. Buddy felt the weight of guilt crushing down on him like a ton of bricks. And so, in a desperate bid to make amends, he made the ultimate sacrifice – auctioning off his beloved machine to fund Louie’s road to recovery.

But fate is a fickle mistress, and the car’s journey was far from over. Passed from hand to hand like a cursed relic, it eventually found its way into the clutches of Orvel Reichert, a man whose appetite for speed matched Buddy’s own. Under Orvel’s command, the Ford coupe morphed from beast to monster – fueled by alcohol and ambition, tearing down quarter-mile strips at speeds that blurred the line between man and machine.

Not content with mere accolades, Orvel’s restless spirit drove him to push the boundaries of automotive engineering. With a madman’s fervor, he dissected the car, probing its innards in search of untapped potential. And there, amidst the wreckage of dreams and aspirations, he dared to dream the impossible: a mid-mounted flathead engine…

But fate, ever capricious, had other plans. In a twist of cruel irony, the once-proud machine found itself cast aside, a forgotten relic leaning against Orvel’s humble abode. And then, like a scene from a nightmare, a band of meddling youths stumbled upon the carcass of greatness. With a careless shove, they sent it crashing to the ground, the weight of its own legacy crushing it into oblivion.

And so, in the annals of racing history, the saga of Buddy Ohanesian’s Ford coupe faded into legend—a cautionary tale of ambition, redemption, and the relentless pursuit of speed in a world where the line between glory and destruction is razor-thin.

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