Off Topic Hot Rodding

Off Topic Hot Rodding

For decades, the clamoring masses have besieged me, begging for a divergent lane on the HAMB. They crave a space unfettered by the shackles of tradition, a realm where the discourse is as wild and unpredictable as the hot rods they so ardently adore. Yet, I’ve stood resolute, defiant against the tide of off-topic banter, unwilling to wade through the mire of the group’s frivolities and deal with their bullshit on topics that don’t interest me.

But fate, it seems, had other plans.

Last week, amidst the chaos of our discussions, a glimmer of enlightenment pierced through the haze. It came in the form of the Meyers Manx, a symbol of rebellion and ingenuity. Suddenly, I glimpsed a new horizon, brimming with potential and unorthodox brilliance. And so, against my better judgment, I made a pact with progress.

A new frontier beckons…

I offer you now, with a hint of trepidation, a sanctuary for the renegades and the iconoclasts—a haven for “Off Topic” hot rodding. This is no grand unveiling, merely a tentative foray into uncharted waters.

Rules? Don’t ask us for them. None yet exist, for we sail by the seat of our pants, guided only by instinct and audacity.

So, venture forth, my friends, and let your imaginations run rampant. We shall prune the unruly weeds as we see fit, nurturing this fledgling community into something magnificent. I’m sure rules will eventually emerge, boundaries will eventually be drawn, but for now, let us revel in the chaos of possibility. Welcome to the fray.

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