Son’s New Model A

Son’s New Model A

Son Mai has been on the hunt for a Model A for years. He had a channeled, Chevy-powered roadster at one point, but he eventually sold it because he didn’t build it. A few weeks ago, I saw him post on Instagram looking for an early Ford project. Next thing I knew, he was down in Lone Pine, California, picking up a 1928 Model A.

Everything Son works on turns out nice, from his long lineup of choppers to his YouTube channel, Lnspltblvd. I’ve enjoyed following his adventures for quite some time, and when I heard he was building the coupe into a hot rod, I knew we were in for a treat.

The first episode of the Model A saga is up on his channel, and it’s a good one. Watching him buy the car reminds me of my own roadster project; the entire trip looked like a blast. Last I talked to Son, he’s collecting parts and figuring out the game plan. One thing’s for sure—it’ll be getting V8 power and updated brakes.

There’s no better way to wind down the workweek than with a new project. Check it out, and make sure to follow along to see it come together.

Joey Ukrop

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