Something From Nothing

Something From Nothing

Back in 2016, “Wheeldog57” stumbled upon a revelation: his grandfather’s decrepit trailer harbored a secret, a relic of automotive lore – a ’35-36 rear axle. As if touched by the hand of fate, a model-a frame materialized through some obscure barter a bit later, and then, as if the gods themselves were pulling strings, Craigslist coughed up a roadster cowl.

And thus began the odyssey, the grand saga of Wheeldog and his quest to forge a roadster from the fires of his imagination. A decade now stretches across the horizon, yet still, the roadster remains a work in progress. He’s making noise and smoke with it, but it’s like they always say – “It’ll never really be done.”

But therein lies the beauty, the allure of the homebuilt hot rod – a creature born not in the sterile confines of a shop, but amidst the chaos of a restless mind and greasy hands. Yes, there are imperfections, rough edges, and missed beats scattered like confetti across its form. Yet, like the rings of a mighty oak, each cross-section tells a story, a chapter in the chronicle of its creation.

In these details, in the raw essence of its being, lies its soul – a soul that transcends the superficial gleam of perfectly dunked chrome or the ostentatious splendor of a lavish paint job. For it is here, in the gritty embrace of imperfection, that the true spirit of the roadster resides.

Anyway, if you haven’t dropped by Wheeldog’s build thread in a while, you owe it to yourself to do so. Seriously. Go here. You’ll be glad ya did…

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