Trailer for Sale (or Rent?)

Trailer for Sale (or Rent?)

I’m not a trailer guy. Last time I hauled a trailer any real distance, my truck got towed and then a distracted driver sideswiped me on my way back to the U-Haul lot. I have no intention of ever owning one. End of story.

Well, almost. Last week, I was browsing some online classifieds when I stumbled upon an interesting ad. “50’s Wooden Trailer $550.00 Daly City,” said the headline. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a good deal, and when they include the price right off the bat, I’m even more interested.

$550.00 or BEST OFFER for a 1950’s or 60’s Wooden Tear Drop Trailer. Last licensed in 1966. Great condition, no rot, no mold. Canvas top in great condition. Must pick up in Daly City and payment is by cash. Light weight, inside is not built out. Measures 70” deep x 45” wide and is 45” high at its highest point inside. Drive by and take a look its parked out front. You will need an air pump. One tire is low and needs air. You may also need a truck or trailer to move it but i believe it fine to tow home.

The trailer itself is spartan, but clearly well-built. It reminds me of something my grandfather would have put together for family camping trips long ago. The wood pattern on the side of the box is reminiscent of a 1947 Chrysler Town & Country, and the wheels look to me like pre-war Chevy parts.

Daly City isn’t too far from here, and I could just imagine hauling it behind my Model A. I don’t think it would take much to get it back in action. As the daydreams continue, reality sets in. Where would I park it? I’m not sure. Maybe one of you could buy it and hitch it to your hot rod. When you do, you’ll really be King of the Road!

Joey Ukrop

Note: I know I’ve shared this photo before, but it certainly captures the spirit of hot rod trailers!

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