The Counterfeit Roth Door

The Counterfeit Roth Door

I woke up this morning, brimming with the excitement of an imminent feature, words meticulously woven and ready to cascade onto the page. But fate, that cruel mistress, had other plans. Before I could even uncork the bottle of adrenaline fueling my prose, the HAMB came barreling in like a pack of rabid wolves, stealing my spotlight and leaving me stranded in a sea of dashed hopes and bitter regret.

But let’s cast aside my woes for a moment, for there are weightier matters at hand, matters that demand our attention amidst this tempest of journalistic turmoil. Behold, this video:

Pretty cool piece of history, right? Well, everything is not as it seems… The door in question was not painted by Roth and was never a passthrough on Roth’s shop. It was painted by Bill Michaelson back in the 1990’s as an ode to Roth and then later signed by the man when he was in town for a car show.

Bill passed in 2007 and not long afterwards, the door ended up on eBay where it was sold as a Roth piece. It’s hard to say where the door has been since, but it’s pretty damned easy to assume it’s been misrepresented all along the way.

None of this history is fact to me. I didn’t know Bill. I don’t know this door. I am not a Roth historian. BUT, just about every Roth guy on the planet is firing up their alarm bells, screaming about the injustice, and doing their best to raise awareness.

And so, duty beckons, my pen poised to etch the truth upon the parchment of journalistic integrity. For amidst the cacophony of voices, it falls upon us to sift through the noise, to discern fact from fiction, and to shine a light upon the shadows of misrepresentation.

Something smells fishy fellas…

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