Photos & Smiles

Photos & Smiles

I’m just getting home from a family vacation to the Pacific Northwest where we toured colleges for Miller – our middle kid. My ass is whooped and I didn’t have time to prepare a thing for this morning. Lucky for me, Ron Funkhouser was on his game over the weekend and started a thread about “car photos that bring a smile to your face.”

I can play this game… and so can you.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my favorite hot rod photo of all time features one of my favorite hot rodders of all time. It’s Mal Hooper on the salt preparing for his run down the middle of the famous black stripe. The photo reads just beautifully… Mal was a real hot rodder, a rebel, a hoodlum, and by all accounts – the best kind of each. You can see exactly that as Bob Roddick shot it in 1951 using Kodak’s best color film:

Glorious, right? And as a bonus, here’s a few more shots that Bob took that day:

Anyway, what hot rod photo puts a smile on your face? Got one? Post it here.

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