The Grand National Roadster Show 2024 – My Sweet 6

The Grand National Roadster Show 2024 – My Sweet 6

For the Grand Nats this year, I slipped in a little late on a rainy Pomona Sunday morning and walked the fairly-quiet show buildings with my buddy Bobby (Old Crow Speed Shop). Despite our last-day-of-the-show arrival and the nearly complete absence of outdoor vehicles on display, there were still plenty of great cars to behold this year. Between the Suede Palace, the Zephyr gathering, the previous magazine cover cars, and of course the stunning AMBR contenders, the GNRS did not disappoint. If I do have one disappointing confession to make, it’s that I forgot to take enough pictures- Blame it on catching up with many great old friends.

Here’s 6 of my favorites from the show, in no particular order:

The Lee Pratt ’32 5 W. This channeled, Olds-powered coupe featured period-perfect flames.

Mike McAuiffe’s Ford Vicky. Brandon Flaner and the East Bay Speed & Custom team always deliver excellence.

Greg Lazzerini’s 1961 Kellison J6 Panther took 1st place in the Exotic Sports class. The wide and wild Corvette-powered fiberglass car is one of 500 made.

Galpin Auto Sports ‘Uncertain T’. Yes, the original Steve Scott car that was lost for decades has finally resurfaced.

The Schroder Speedster Special (previously covered here.)

Jay Dean’s 27 T Roadster

The Nostalgia Ranch owner had a love for hopped up T’s and this one is a honey.

So what were some of your favorites from the GNRS??



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