On Your List

On Your List

On Monday through Friday, I make lists. Lots of lists—both of the bullet point and the “to do” variety. Some researchers say lists are the best way to communicate. I’m not sure how true that is, but let’s give it a try.

Reasons I love hot rods:
• No two cars are the same
• Every piece has a story
• They capture the spirit of another time
• They’re conversation starters
• They invite you to live in the moment
• They’re never finished
• They combine art, science, and history
• The shifting of the gears
• The warmth of the upholstery when your car has been sitting out in the sun
• The click of the door
• The click of the lap belt
• The turn of the key
• Driving a little bit fast in reverse
• Watching your front wheel on a fenderless car
• The rap of the exhaust
• Rooster tails in the rain
• Looking up at tall buildings in a roadster
• Looking up at the sky in a roadster
• The roads they take you on
• The people you meet
• They make strangers smile

That’s my list for tonight. I’m sure I’ll add to it soon. What’s on your list?

—Joey Ukrop

Opening photo of the Root Roadster from the Petersen Archive 

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