It’s a Buyers Market once again… What are you buying?

It’s a Buyers Market once again… What are you buying?

If you follow classic car prices at all (and that includes traditional hot rods and customs), you’ll see that about 12 years ago, typical selling prices started moving up on ‘blue chip’ cars very quickly. In our world, that was everything from T, A and ’32 Roadsters with Bonneville history all the way up to the Hirohata Merc. Year after year, things kept inching up in prices until the Pandemic hit, when prices took a modest dip for a few months, and then all hell broke loose on the entire classic car market. Prices for seemingly every semi-desirable car in the world started going nuts and record prices were set year after year. Bring a Trailer set the whole online car market on fire.

Fast forward to now. The Scottsdale car auctions were last weekend, and it confirmed what we’ve started to suspect for a while: Prices are rolling back down quite a bit, especially on the more common classic cars that are not ‘blue chip’… Already back down to 2019 numbers and likely dropping further as time goes on. In Arizona, some smoking deals could be found if you looked around long enough. How about a really nice, stock ’36 Phaeton for $22 grand? Or a ’50 Ford Woodie wagon for $38k? Or a completely dialed ’32 Ford Pickup with a blown Nailhead for under $36k? There are some really nice dream cars to be had, my friends, for far, far less than they were netting just a few years ago… So what are you gonna get?

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