The Fuller, Nullines, and Pines ’28

The Fuller, Nullines, and Pines ’28

I’ve shared some moments with Kent Fuller, and let me tell you – the man was a puzzle wrapped in quiet contemplation and peppered with bursts of sheer brilliance. A mind that’s both tranquil and turbulent, oscillating between profound musings and the mischievous chaos that lurked within… It was a concoction only Fuller could conjure.

Now, take yourself back to the 1950s, where Fuller, undoubtedly soaked in his own unique vibe of crazy (only amplified by youth), birthed a dragster that defied conventions. The ladder-style chassis, the signature Fuller touch, was a given. But oh, that ’28 truck body – a flat-backed truck cab just flirting shamelessly with the wind. Add a dash of angle chop, and you’ve got a visual symphony of madness – a wedge-shaped beast “designed” for slicing through the air.

The history of this Nailhead powered digger is a bit elusive. The snapshots I managed to dig up, mostly immortalized in The Big Book of Barris, offer mere glimpses into the thing. Yet, one undeniable truth emerges from the fog of time – at some point, this mechanical marvel clocked an 11.14 at 123 mph. Not too shabby for a powerhouse resembling a speeding brick, wouldn’t you say?

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