New Merch Just Dropped!

New Merch Just Dropped!

So there I was, knee-deep in the trenches of creation, grinding away at this concoction for what felt like an eternity. It kicked off as a self-indulgent desire for a 3/4 sleeve raglan to mark our 29th voyage around the sun. But as all these creative forces collided, it metamorphosed into a wild ride and culminated in my surrender to a piece of art that’s been weaving through the HAMB cosmos for eons. My ole ’38 is finally on a t-shirt.

In the midst of this fever dream, I resurrected an ancient pit shirt from the grasps of Briggs Cunningham and birthed anew a military-inspired patch hat – this time in Army green.

But yeah… I’m running fashionably late with this proclamation, a whole week tardy to the party. But, better late than never – right?

If you are interested in grabbing any of this new merch, you know where to look.

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