A Roadster in Reality

A Roadster in Reality

In May 2020, I sat down at my desk and looked around my office that was once a closet. I grabbed a piece of notebook paper and a pencil and started to draw. For the next 10 minutes or so, I sketched my dream Model A roadster project. I knew where I wanted to go, but I didn’t know how to get there. I figured drawing would point me in the right direction.

The car I dreamt up wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. It was a channeled ’30 roadster powered by a smallblock Chevy. It had a Deuce grille shell, a dropped axle, split wishbones, aluminum firewall and steelies on all four corners. The car sat low—but not too low. The more I drew, the more details came into focus.

Two months later, I started working to bring that sketch into reality. As time passed, my goals changed. I backdated the build. I shifted from smallblock to flathead, open drive to closed, 9-inch Ford to quickchange. The biggest departure, however, was the channel.


Although I’m moving in a slightly different direction with my roadster, I never forgot that drawing. That’s why when I opened Instagram a few weeks ago, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was the car.

Yes, there it was. A channeled, Chevy-powered survivor. Found by Flatpower, the roadster is everything I wanted when I started my project. Here’s his rundown of the details.

“1931 Ford model A Roadster. This is an old drag car out of Alabama that still has its original tow tabs off the front frame horns and evidence of an old roll bar that has since been removed.

1931 body channeled over 1932 Ford frame. Frame has original front crossmember. Modified K-member for Chevy trans and stock rear crossmember. Peaked and filled ’32 grill shell, Dago axle, round back spindles, ’40 Ford backing plates, tube shocks, split wishbones. 1962 Corvette 327, 870 block, 461 heads. Fenton 3×2 intake with Rochester carburetors, modified ’55 Chevy front motor mounts. Corvette aluminum bellhousing with Chevy three-speed transmission and ’55 Chevy rear axle out back.

Hudson steering box, hanging pedals, Superior 500 steering wheel, ’32 Ford dash, ’50 Pontiac taillights, whitewalls with spun Moons. This car has been off the road for close to 60 years and will need the typical work to get it back on the road. The motor turns over and has good oil pressure. Clutch, brakes and throttle are still all connected. Go find another one.”

The ad was posted about a week ago and I’m still thinking about it. If it were available when I was looking for mine, I would have scraped together the funds and bought it in a heartbeat. Someone needs to buy this car and get it back on the street. Any takers?

Joey Ukrop

Photos from the original ad, which can be found here.



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