Two Ammo Boxes

Two Ammo Boxes

Emergency Kit

Tardel is like a boy scout – He thinks of everything and is always prepared. After hearing of my stupidity laced adventures in the coupe, he thought proactively and threw together an emergency roadside assistance kit for me. Seeing as Keith has pretty much been there and done that a few times over in a flathead car, I thought you guys might learn from the contents as well.

Obviously, it’s always a good idea to keep basic hand tools on board your hot rod or kustom. A wrench set, some sockets, screwdrivers, pliers… they all go along way when stranded on the side of a road. It’s those basics that take up one ammo box in the back of my coupe. The other is more specialized and geared towards keeping my hot rod off the shoulder and between the stripes. Here’s a quick list:

1. An assortment of nuts, bolts, wire-ties, hose clamps and car specific fasteners that you might need. You don’t need a Gardner Wescott tin here, but just the essentials.

2. A roll of bailing wire cuz you just never know…

3. A length of fuel line for when something cracks, catches fire, or both.

4. A roll of electrical tape.

5. A roll of 12 gauge electrical wire for quick rewiring jobs.

6. An assortment of fuses.

7. Regulator and resistor cuz you know one or the other will fail ya at some point.

8. Spare coil, distributor cap, rotor, points, and condensor. I learned this one the hard way!

9. Starter spring and starter drive screw.

10. Rear axle key and pinion just for the occasional hook up…

11. Rebuilt fuel pump.

12. Stromberg rebuild kit.

13. Stromberg jets and wrench.

14. Spare accessory belt. I know you can use panty hose, but why would you?

15. Sheet of sand paper (great for cleaning points, etc…).

16. Can of carb cleaner.

17. Fix-A-Flat.

18. Tube of silicone.

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