Summertime Snapshots

Summertime Snapshots

There’s nothing better than the summertime. Warm days, fun nights and plenty of hours behind the wheel of old cars. Time moves quickly, and it seems like just yesterday that we were saying hello to my favorite season. Now, with fall right around the corner, I’d like to take a moment to look back.

Just like in years past, much of this summer was spent on the road. From the East Coast to the West and plenty of places in between, I enjoyed the long days with friends and family. And when I was home, I was busy working on my roadster—pulling engines, rebuilding transmissions, hunting for brake parts and even doing a little bit of summer cleaning in the back yard.

Through the years, I’ve posted a handful of these galleries. They’re not pro-grade photos taken with high-dollar equipment. Instead, they’re snapshots from here and there that I believe are worth sharing. Hot rods. Old trucks. Neon signs. Crash helmets. Parts stashes. Reliability runs. Hamburgs. The works.

Have any shots from the season that you’d like to share? Post ’em up for a little H.A.M.B. summer rewind.

Joey Ukrop

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