Making a Custom Shop more Period Correct?

Making a Custom Shop more Period Correct?

It’s one thing to put an old hot rod or Kustom back to exactly the way to was built, but how about turning a legendary custom shop back to just how it looked in the 50s?

The story as told at Kustomrama:
Brad Masterson of Masterson Kustoms is the caretaker of the old Barris Kustoms premise at 11070 Atlantic Ave. (Ed- the Dean Jeffries side of the building).When Brad first moved to Los Angeles from Sacramento in 2001, he went working for George Barris in North Hollywood. At that time, George did a major clean up, throwing out tons of material from his shop. Luckily for history’s sake, Brad jumped in the dumpster, picking out what was worth saving. He lived in a small apartment at the time, and did not have space for all of it. Olav Kvipt of the Kustomrama Lynwood Division was for a while residing in his shop on Atlantic Ave. in Lynwood, and had access to all of his files.”

Here’s a couple of short music videos of Olav, Brad and a few friends doing their best to put the original 11054 Atlantic Ave. Barris Kustoms in a more period correct state:

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