Short Film of the Week: Immortal Sands

Short Film of the Week: Immortal Sands

I like the idea of it… Someone decided to make a sort of a post-apocalyptic-feeling hot rod short film to capture the solemn nature of Alvord Dry Lake in the southeastern corner of Oregon. I have no idea who made the film or if any of these fine-looking cars belong to HAMB folks, but figured it was worth the watch.

The voiceover lines channel some feeling from an opening sequence to Heavy Metal or Mad Max:

“A place, more akin to Mars than our blue world. Where the passage of time is counted in millennia as well fractions of a second. A place where future and past merge. Where the warrior’s cry mingles with the sound of mechanical thunder. As man and machine Battle for dominance over their old rival, time. Here these Goliath’s of fire and metal rage In battle with their singular foe Casting stones upon the hourglass. If for a moment to pause its Immortal Sands…”


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